How can I customise my CV?

Here at, we’re committed to helping Kiwi professionals create compelling CVs. Here’s how to customise your CV using our CV Builder: 

Customizing your CV layout:

  • Switch the design theme or colour: You can use our Custom Colour Picker Tool to add pops of colour and brighten your CV 
  • Add colored progress bars to display your skill levels: You can find this feature in our CV builder below languages and skills
  • Personalize your CV using a user avatar image: Most of our templates offer the option of using an an avatar image 
  • Add and remove photos: While not all of our design templates allow you to add a photo, you can remove backgrounds from professional photos using our background removal tool in our CV Builder 
  • Reorder sections: You can rearrange your sections in our CV builder and order them according to individual preference. Check out our example below: 

  • Change the language -  If you need to change the language in your CV, check out our article here.
  • Add Links: You can add links to your professional portfolio or professional social media profiles 

For our most popular job titles, we’ve created video instructions to help applicants build the perfect CV. Complete with useful facts, tips and advice, our video guides will help you create a job-winning CV that helps you stand out from the crowd. 

Adding a custom section 

Customize your CV using custom sections. We make it easy to add a custom section at the bottom of our CV builder. You can choose any title for a custom section and rearrange the order of your sections according to preference. 

Creating a one page CV

Keep your CV brief by choosing to focus on the most significant and relevant details. Avoid using elaborate language or including information that doesn’t add value to your professional profile. Please also keep in mind that it’s not currently possible to adjust the font sizes on your CV. 

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