How do I share my CV and cover letter?

Finished writing your CV and cover letter? Ready to share it with the world? Ka pai! We’ll give you a free online link to your CV and cover letter. You’ll receive a new link for every version of your CV. Your privacy is important to us – we’ll never share your CV or cover letter without your permission. Your work will only be accessed by people you choose to share your link with. You can also download a PDF of your cover letter to use in the future. 

To share your CV, visit the dashboard and select “more” in the drop-down menu. You’ll see the “share a link” option and be able to share your URL link with others from there! You can copy and paste your link and send it via text or email, or even share it on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Folder.  The page to share your link should look a little like this: 

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